Why Getting a Mammogram is Important?

Being a woman comes with various health challenges, and one of the most alarming is breast cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women worldwide, and early detection is essential for successful treatment. One of the most powerful tools widely used in detecting breast cancer is mammography. Boutique Breast Imaging understands the paramount importance of regular mammograms in women’s health and strives to provide a comfortable and specialized experience for all. “We also know that a mammogram is better when it is read by breast experts, who are most likely to detect the earliest signs of breast cancer while reducing the number of ‘breast cancer scares’,” says Kathryn Pearson, M.D., Boutique Breast Imaging Founder and Director.

What is a mammogram?

Mammography is a screening test that uses low-dose X-rays to take multiple images of the breast. It can detect small cancerous growths in the breasts even before they can be felt during a physical examination. According to the American Cancer Society, women should begin screening mammograms at age 40. Boutique Breast Imaging utilizes state-of-the-art mammography technology (Hologic 2D and 3D combination mammograms) to ensure accurate and early detection.

What to expect during a mammogram?

A mammogram should not take more than twenty minutes. During the screening, the breasts are gently compressed between two flat surfaces to produce the best images. Some women may experience some pressure or discomfort during the procedure, but it should not be painful. To minimize hormonal discomfort, it is best to schedule the mammogram approximately day 7-10 of one’s menstrual cycle. To get accurate results, it is advisable to avoid using any deodorants, powders, or creams on the day of the test. You might also be asked to disclose any previous breast surgeries or lumps found during the examination. Boutique Breast Imaging prioritizes patient comfort and ensures a supportive environment during the screening process.

Why is mammography essential?

Early detection of breast cancer is crucial in successful treatment and improved recovery outcomes. In fact, research shows that a mammogram can reduce breast cancer mortality by 40%, and undergoing regular annual mammograms result in a 72% decrease in dying from breast cancer. Breast health providers all agree that women over 40 should get mammograms every year. Additionally, it is important that everyone do regular self-breast exams to learn “what is normal” and be able to detect and report any unusual changes or concerns to your doctor.

Boutique Breast Imaging optimizes breast health through personalized risk assessment (with genetic testing if recommended), screening and diagnostic mammography, in addition to breast ultrasound and procedures. Although the thought of getting screened may feel intimidating, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your breast health status. Founder and Director Kathryn Pearson, M.D., emphasizes “We want to provide a comfortable, medi-spa environment with compassionate and dedicated breast radiologists and technologists who practice the highest standard of breast care.”

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