Compassionate Jacksonville mammogram & Breast Imaging services

Boutique Breast Imaging is a practice of long-time breast imaging experts all of whom are Board-certified, Fellowship-trained doctors.

Our priority is to provide patients with accessible and superior care by expert breast radiologists. We aim to make the process of scheduling, screening, receiving results, and potential next steps as easy as possible, reducing any worry and anxiety for our patients. From scheduling to diagnosis, Boutique Breast Imaging treats each of our patients as though you are our mother, sister, aunt or friend and not just a breast image quickly passing through a daily workload of screenings.

Screening exam results will be sent to our patients through text/email (if authorized) with link to exam images.

Timely Communication for Abnormal Findings

If results are abnormal, patients will receive a phone call immediately upon report signing.


Diagnostic mammography and ultrasound appointments (for patient issues) may be requested online or at 904-901-0110
or at An onsite breast radiologist will be supervising the exam, performing physical exam and ultrasounds as needed, and discussing the findings in person with the patient.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments will be performed and utilized in conjunction with breast tissue density/composition to make personalized breast cancer screening recommendations and/or recommended genetic testing, individualized to each patient.

MRI Screenings and Diagnostic Exams

MRI Screenings and diagnostic exams will be available soon, with interpretations and consultations with patients performed by BBI breast radiologists.

Fast-tracked Biopsy Care

Breast biopsies will be performed only by board-certified breast radiologists, utilizing state-of-the-art stereotactic/tomosynthesis or ultrasound guidance (or MRI guidance) and more-than-sufficient numbing medication. We ensure each patient is comfortable.

Patient Care

Biopsy scheduling will be expedited. At Boutique Breast Imaging, our primary goal is to reduce patient anxiety and provide the compassion and care patients deserve.

Swift Pathology Turnaround

Pathology results are expedited as well, often providing results within 1-3 days.

Expert Second Opinions

Outside consultations and second opinions are available with our breast imaging radiologists.


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