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What sets Boutique Breast Imaging apart?

The reality is you can get a mammogram almost anywhere. A better mammogram is when it’s read by breast experts. Boutique Breast Imaging is a state-of-the-art breast imaging center that provides accessible and superior patient care by expert breast radiologists who are breast followship-trained.

Just like you wouldn’t want a breast radiologist reading an image of your knee, why would you allow just any radiologist to read an image of your breasts?
Boutique Breast Imaging is a dedicated, personalized breast imaging service led by compassionate and collaborative breast experts solely focused on breasts and:
We are a group of long-time breast imaging experts – ALL Board-certified, Fellowship-trained physicians.


boutique breast imaging in jacksonville fl

Dedicated Breast Imagers are proven to have increased diagnostic accuracy in interpretation of mammograms with:

boutique breast imaging in jacksonville fl

Dedicated Breast Imagers save unnecessary health care expenditures

boutique breast imaging in jacksonville fl

Health care providers, referring physicians, patients and payers are urgently seeking breast imaging experts to provide improved patient care and population health

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Meet Dr. Kathryn Pearson, M.D.
Founder & Director of Boutique Breast Imaging

Dr. Kathryn Pearson, M.D., a Stanford and University of California at San Francisco-trained breast imaging radiologist (ACR Board-certified with Breast Imaging Fellowship), has been practicing in Jacksonville, Florida, since 1999, developing a widely known reputation as a breast imaging expert, speaking locally and nationally. She is passionate about caring for women, having had three generations of her family affected by breast cancer and personally undergoing bilateral mastectomies in her mid-40’s for early signs of breast cancer (initial downgrade followed by great upgrade). She founded and served as CEO/Chief Medical Officer of the non-profit healthcare IT company Mammosphere in 2012, which stores and exchanges breast imaging studies in the cloud, acquired by LifeImage in 2016 followed by Intelerad in 2022 (

Dr. Pearson has also been actively involved in the community, serving on numerous boards (American Cancer Society- Duval and Beaches Units, University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute, Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, The Bolles School, and Advisory Boards for Cathedral Arts Project & Generation W) as well as recipient of community awards (Girl Scouts of Gateway Council’s Women of Distinction, Volunteers in Medicine Women with Heart, The Florida Times-Union finalist for The Eve Award) and even First Lady of Jacksonville from 2003-2011. She has been a frequent public speaker including in front of 1000 attendees at Generation W, Pink Ribbon Symposium, Pink Ribbon Golf Tournament Luncheon and numerous local organizations, as well as at the national Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society, Radiologic Society of North America, & Roentgen Ray Society. Dr. Pearson is a long-standing member of the Society of Breast Imaging, American College of Radiology, and Radiologic Society of North America.
Dr. Pearson is a dedicated patient advocate and provider, optimizing breast imaging screening and cancer diagnosis to detect usually-curable breast cancers. In her spare time, raising two teenage boys, she plays the violin in a chamber music group, walks her Jack Russell Terrier, and loves reading, cooking, hiking, travel and dinners with friends.


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